Dirtyonline.com - Terms Of Usage

Welcome to the terms of usage page of dirtyonline.com

our rules are very simple! 

- Respect other users

- Do not spam or upload spammy content

- You are responsible for your uploads and therefor we expect that your content is not illegal and or forbidden

- Do not abuse the website (direct link to videos and/or abuse content shown here)

- No animal porn, child porn, rape  or any other porno that is considered illegal. We are a fetish site and we like extreme stuff but we never ever want to see such content here!

- Any other common sense rules apply

We respect our users and will never ever contact you directly or sell your info to anyone. If we contact you this will be because of rules that have been broken. If you get an email of anyone stating that they are us, then they are trying to scam you and contact us right away! 

We hope you enjoy your stay on dirtyonline!